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Social networking sites have paved the way for online marketers to promote their products and services to their clients. Before, using SEO methods is enough but it has been found out in recent studies that using social networking sites is better when it comes to increasing the traffic of your WordPress blog. However, with the creating of social marketing tools like the WordPress Social Post Press Plugin, that lets you add email optin forms and videos inside the Facebook Newsfeed.

To use these social media tools to update your Facebook Newsfeed, all you need to do is to install the plugin and let it work automatically for you. You can also create professionally-made messages and post it on your Facebook Newsfeed to let your clients and readers know what you have in store for them and grap email from that. By getting the attention of your client, you can improve your site’s traffic which can then be translated in high sales for your site. By using this social media marketing tool properly, you will be able to get the right amount of optin that you need for your site all the time.

Now when you decide to use social media tools, it is important that you use only what will give you the best results. Among the many Social Marketing Tools that are available to date, using the Social Post Press Plugin will give you the best performance for your WordPress blog and Facebook Newsfeed. Aside from getting the plugin, you also get more from this particular tool.

The first thing that you are going to get from this tool is the access to the social media cheat sheets for free which allows you to learn the tricks of the trade without following a long process. The cheat sheet is a shortcut on how you can maximize your potential when it comes to using this Social Post Press tool. The other bonuses that you can get include the video tutorials and lifetime updates for free which will allow you to reach your maximum potential as an online marketer.

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No matter what business you’re in or which social media network you’re on, sometimes the biggest challenge is what to post, especially for the business owner, trying to use social media to engage with potential customers. Maybe you have great products and services, but occasionally, coming up with meaningful posts is a challenge. In no particular order, here are some posting ideas.

Have fun with these – have fun with your audience – and remember social media is about being social, so show some of “yourself” in your posts, and create posts that you would want to respond to. There’s a good chance, someone else will feel the same way you do!

  1. Post about what inspires you.
  2. Post about what you’re reading
  3. Write about a movie you’ve seen that relates to your goals, core values, or entertains you.
  4. Share a funny or unusual photo and ask for captions.
  5. Share a Top Ten List (spread over multiple days) on your “product”
  6. Share quotes from your customers or clients
  7. Start polls on preferences within your niche or current events
  8. Share and comment on trending topics in the news
  9. Announce milestones or special events for your business or yourself
  10. Share photos from events you’ve attended
  11. Post articles from other businesses that are related to your business.
  12. Share weekly highlights or recaps of news
  13. Post about unusual holidays, even if not in your niche
  14. Write about what got you started in your business
  15. Ask True/False questions of facts or opinions for your industry
  16. Give historical facts about how your industry came about
  17. Focus on the differences in various countries related to how your business niche operates
  18. Ask for people to rank a list of items – their “top 3″ or “top 5,” etc.
  19. Give a quote from a movie or song and have people identify the source
  20. Share what you’ve learned from your setbacks
  21. Ask fans to share what they would like to hear more about
  22. Cross promote one social media platform to another (if you use more than one)
  23. Do a survey with Survey Monkey (free)
  24. Give “your version” of someone else’s blog or article
  25. Share a video “how to” for something in your field

This list is certainly not exhaustive, but hopefully this will give you some ideas to get started. You can create themes, weekly features, or other “regular” post topics to simplify some of the “what to say” issue, but again, have fun with social media – even in business!

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